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We love what we do and share this joy everyday with all those around us.
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Chun Venus

A movement expert and serial entrepreneur, Chun is a distinction graduate from Pace University’s MBA program and a scholar of the National University of Singapore. She has toured the world as a dancer and choreographed for some of Asia's top pop artists, including Wang Leehom, BY2, Hong Junyang and Candyce.

As a dancer, she has been featured on New York Fashion Week, Good Morning America, and ABC Live as well as in music videos for The Code, Diplo, Slayrizz, and Born i Music among others. As a choreographer and producer, she has earned notable press article features such as The Business Times, New Paper, Forbes, New York Times.

Her recent works include Aurora Showcase NYC, a full-length theatre show in collaboration with Body & Pole NYC that integrates aerial silks, hoop and pole with all forms of dance. She has collaborated with the New York Botanical Garden for their Annual Orchid Evenings, creating an experiential dance event with live music in celebration in 2019 & 2020. Chun also recently debuted her first full length solo showcase, The Five Elements, with Jump into the Light, combining dance with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology.

The Five Elements was inspired by her love and passion for bodyART, a movement training system that is grounded in Western Exercise Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Outside of her dance career, from years of movement training and injury prevention, Chun has been a key pioneer of bringing bodyART® to Singapore and continues to teach bodyART, where she offers a welcoming atmosphere in all of her classes, where you can fully focus on yourself and your personal goals.

Find her on Instagram @venuschun

Veron Shen

Veron started dancing at the age of 4 and had been training under the guidance of Ms Rosalind Ong in ballet. She has completed the Grade 8 and Advanced 1 ballet exams under the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus. Her love for ballet grew so much that she wanted to pass on the love for dance to the younger generations, she went on to pursue her Certificate of Ballet Teaching studies in 2007.

She was also trained in Hip Hop, Jazz, and Spanish Dance and possess qualifications under the ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing) and Instituto de la Danza Espanola (IDA) syllabus respectively.

Veron also recently discovered bodyART, a holistic workout program brought into Singapore last August. She fell in love with the wonderfully thought-out structure of the program and is eager to share it with everyone! bodyART means freedom for every participant on a personal level. It creates awareness of the participant’s body and creates a basis for their health and well- being. bodyART has to be experienced to be appreciated!

Veron is currently actively teaching bodyART in Pasir Ris East CC, Our Tampines hub and Distinct Creative Arts. She’s always looking out for more opportunities to bring bodyART to the rest of Singapore and Asia!

Find her on Instagram here.

Dee Dee

Nor Dee Dee started her dance training when she was young. Background as a Dancer allows her to focus on form and not limiting herself, onto the new. Embarking into a fitness career more than 15 years ago and she never looked back. Dance and Fitness are her soulmate.

She is a patient, understanding and a supportive instructor that cares for her class participants’ progress.

She has been teaching bodyART for a few years now and finds herself studying deeper on mobility and functional exercises. BodyART has taught her about movements that are relevant for our body, increase her awareness on injury prevention and pain reduction.

She teaches currently at The American Club, Dance Trio Studio and Fun Fit Studio.

“ It’s time to take care of your body. Time to heal.” -- Dee Dee

Find her on instagram

Aida Isa

Aida has been in the fitness industry more than a decade and loves the way how fitness has evolved. She loves challenges and in her words “staying relevant is what drives me to be better.” She is also a certified PT, Barre and Pilates instructor and runs her own studio titled Aida Fitness for Her (at Eunos) and The Eaqlia Studio (at Yishun).

Find her on instagram at @aida_eaqlia and book her here.

Lynn Ana

Lynn is a proud studio owner of The Swag Room: The Fitness Studio and prides herself on being a mother and business woman. She leads with her positive motivation and never fails to light up the room with her vivacious and fun personality. Find her on Instagram here.

Shirley Cheah-Wong

Shirley is the Head of Fitness Education at HFT and the Education Director & Consultant at The Little Seals Children Multisports Club.

Her passion is in providing training and education in Myofascial mobilisation therapy and fascial studies.

She has a Professional certificate in Special Needs Education, Developmental Psychology, Certified Balance and Fall Prevention Trainer, Certified Clinical Orthopedi Manual Therapist for Low Back, Neck and Pelvic (NCBTMB Approved), Certified Myofascial Mobilisation Trainer, Certified Myofascial Mobilisation Trainer, Certified Myofascial Therapist in Foam Roller and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Pre and Postpartum Trainer, Concept-Rossmann Fascial Training Asia Master Trainer, Flexibar Master Trainer, Certified Health Coach for Older Adults , Health and Wellness, and a Certified Health Promotion Facilitator Certified.

Find her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Sun Bok

She is a 20+ year personal trainer, pilates and GYROTONIC® expert in Singapore who has pioneered multiple initiatives and taught at international global conferences. You can find her at Focus Pilates as a senior instructor sharing her love for movement rehabilitation.

She is a Certified Polestar Comprehensive Studio, National Pilates (NPCP) Certified, Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer (FISAF INTERNATIONAL), Certified Fitness Instructor Course Level 1 (Singapore Sports Council)

Find her on LinkedIn here and on instagram.

Imelda Bonnett

She is a consultant and value creation expert based in Melbourne Australia with a love for Singapore and bodyART. Passionate about emotional support and creating communities, Imelda brings her calm yet warm empathy to every conversation and every room.

Find her on LinkedIn here.